Howard H.

I contacted Monica during a business trip to Oregon, while living in China on an ex-pat assignment. I was engaged to marry, and needed professional advice to navigate through the process of getting my wife legal residency in the US after we moved back. She had no problem taking on the case, and the challenges of working remotely with me across 11 time zones. She was very organized in walking us through the complex paperwork, and gave us detailed instruction in preparing a mountain of reference documents. She walked us through the entire process patiently and thoroughly. I will always remember getting texts from her throughout the late evening and early morning US time during my interview in the consulate in Beijing. She stayed up most of the night, just to ensure nothing went wrong. without her help, I can honestly say that we had little chance of getting my wife’s greencard on the schedule we had set out. I highly recommend Monica’s service to anyone with visa and immigration needs.